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Fascia Release
Fascia Release
Fascia Release
Body Treatments


A blend of techniques from a number of different massage disciplines are used.  Esther effectively uses her highly skilled and trained hands (arms and elbows!), with correct body mechanics and core energy, to give you a more profound massage at a deeper level.  This is not a ‘one size fits all’ treatment.  As you can imagine, just as with all of Mimi’s treatments, each massage is tweaked for the individual and their needs at the time.  An intelligent massage.

For example, the ‘deeper’ techniques are used where and when needed, and more nurturing stokes are given to give the body chance to relax and recover.

Esther works slowly.  This is not a rushed, “no pain, no gain” massage that is often given when deep work is requested. The body, muscles and tissues are given time to stabilise and heal themselves.  Slow, deliberate movements are where the relaxation happens, and let’s face it, this is ultimately what you are after. Mindful manoeuvres and listening to the physical messages from your body, means you have a much more enjoyable and effective massage. Esther’s patience to work slowly, connect with the tissue, and wait for the tissue to ‘melt’ is, in her opinion the key to good deep tissue work.

The treatment might also consist of a series of movements similar to that in a yoga class.  Esther puts you in the position and then helps you get the most of that movement/stretch. In a nutshell it’s like going to a yoga stretch session, but someone else doing it for you! Amazing!

As well as the stretching, acupressure is applied over the invisible energy lines, thought to have an influence on the body and its functioning. In yoga they are known as ‘windows’, enabling an exchange of cosmic energy though the body to maintain balance with the energy of the universe. A disturbed balance is thought to lead to sickness, and so massage over these energy lines can help to restore balance and therefore prevent sickness.

This is a dynamic form of massage, so you can expect to have many benefits for your mind, body and soul, as energy is moved with the acupressure and stretching movements to maintain good health (and pain relief).

Gentle rhymical strokes can also be used to help the lymphatic flow.  Therefore aiding detoxification, improving a sluggish system, and, of course, relaxation. You are then left with an enhanced sense of well being. 

If you’ve never fancied a massage because you are shy or self conscious, no problem, you can stay clothed! 

Techniques Used

Other Body Treatments

New Mimi Beauty Treatment
  • Sunlight Treatment £70.00

    The Estime & Sens Sunlight treatment for face and body is designed for all those seeking to magnify their skin before going to the sun. For the body and mind, looking good, feeling good and improving self-esteem. A body exfoliation massage using clinic use only specialist products is performed to soften and smooth the skin, reduce muscle tension, and eliminate toxins. You will then rinse in our luxury rainfall shower, while a warm fluffy towel awaits you.  Your toes are greeted with warmth as you step out onto the heated floor. Then, a moisturising massage to soften, colour and illuminate the skin surface. We use stunning products that help to accelerate and prolong a tan, and also tan and glitter the body.

  • Beautiful Back £55.00

    A necessity for the backless and the strapless!  This fabulous back therapy treatment is designed to deeply cleanse and purify your skin whilst restoring balance and the skin softness.  It includes a thorough and super effective cleanse, invigorating and stimulating exfoliating polish, a Halloysite and Charcoal Clay mask followed by gentle tension releasing massage.  You will feel uplifted, soothed and full of vitality!

  • Nurturing Scalp Ritual £90.00

    The ideal treatment for relaxation or to soothe dry, itchy or sensitive scalps.  A warm mud mask is applied to the hair and scalp and a soothing massage is performed.  The treatment finishes with a shower to remove the mask.

  • Reiki & Sound Therapy From £48.00

    Also available at Mimi are services provided by Dan from High Vibrations, encompassing potent Reiki sessions or Reiki combined with sound therapy. Click here to read more.

Fascia Release

(Myofascia or Myofascial release)

Emotional/Energetic Releasing

What is ‘Fascia’ ?

Working with the fascia promotes high level body (and face) work for freeing stuck/blocked emotional patterns which can lead to physical difficulties. It regulates your emotions, giving you a sense of well being both physically and emotionally.

Fascia is the soft connective tissue that encases and connects every part of your body—muscles, organs, veins, arteries, and even down to a cellular level. It’s everywhere! Think of fascia as a flexible net that allows your body to move freely. With millions of sensory nerves, fascia can ‘catch’ trauma (both physical and emotional), turning from a flexible net into something more rigid, like cement, causing blockages in your body’s natural flow.  Most understand that we have a physical anatomy, but we also have an emotional anatomy, and the fascia is part of both.

Fascia release treatment works by energetically restoring this flow, releasing trapped trauma. Since fascia is rich in sensory nerves, it reacts strongly to unexpressed emotions, leading to old traumas and memories getting stuck in the tissue. Holding in feelings creates both physical and emotional patterns, forming a kind of defense mechanism. Some traumas might be so deeply buried that you don’t even remember them, yet they could be holding you back in life.

Mimi offers a safe and nurturing environment for treating and supporting you through this process. The treatment helps alleviate acute and chronic physical, emotional, and mental pain. Using deep yet sensitive touch, the therapy supports the release of tension, allowing you to ‘unwind’ your body, emotions, and mind. It is a dynamic and whole-istic treatment approach.

What to expect at the time of the treatment

What to expect after the treatment

I feel like this is a bit of a dear diary . I just thought I’d let you know. for the last 6 months. I have felt exhausted, burnt out, over whelmed. I’ve felt like I’ve had a weight on me, mental block. I’ve barely had the energy, desire to get up and do stuff, or eat healthy.

Since my treatment I have started working out 3 times a week. I don’t want to eat junk food, I have the desire to get up and go out, and just have a better outlook. I’m not completely sunshine and daisies, but feel miles better!


Yesterday was really great. There was a definite improvement on all of my symptoms. That as probably the best night sleep I’ve had in years!

I’ve added in yoga and grounding into my routine as a ritual for myself everyday.


Mimi Beauty - Esther Cooney

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