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Esther Reubens


A truly enlightened therapist, Esther embodies pure Wholeistic approach. Here’s why:

  • “Holistic” is often overused in wellness, but Esther truly considers every aspect of you. Using vast experience and intuition, she deciphers root issues impacting your wellbeing
  • By assessing you ‘wholeistically’ – internally, externally, emotionally – Esther tailors a unique blueprint. This guides a powerful treatment plan, restoring your natural balance.
  • With 30+ years in the beauty industry, specializing in skin functions, Esther addresses environmental, aging, hormonal impacts. Her deep understanding leads to effective, natural, and organic product choices for your skin.
  • Esther’s expertise extends to skin concerns, exploring underlying causes and suggesting solutions like supplements. She instills confidence, helping you achieve a radiant, natural glow.
  • Esther is continuously expanding her knowledge by pursuing a degree in Life Sciences, delving deeply into the human body’s ability to heal itself under the right conditions. She is passionate about learning and dedicated to helping you feel heavenly and look fantastic.

A note from Esther...

Thank you so much for choosing to support my small business. My (not just)-beauty-fully crafted treatments, infused with love and intention, are more than just beauty products. I believe they have the power to bring joy and happiness, enhancing our natural beauty from the inside out.


Mimi’s beauty treatment room, nestled just outside picturesque Stratford upon Avon, exclusively employs high-quality organic and natural products sourced from various corners of the globe, such as New Zealand, Germany, France, England, and Italy.

Esther, dedicated to wholiestic wellness, has witnessed skin damage caused by chemical-laden products, reinforcing her unwavering commitment to utilizing solely natural and organic alternatives. These products not only nourish but actively stimulate skin cells, promoting rejuvenation day and night, resulting in a radiant, healthy complexion.

In her charming and inviting treatment space, Esther carefully evaluates your skin, taking the time to understand your unique needs from a truly wholeistic stand point.. Drawing from her experience in spa settings, where impersonal service is common, she adamantly ensures a personalized approach in her treatment room. Here, your plan is customized, tailored with precision to address your specific requirements using the ideal organic, natural products. Her goal is to curate an array of relaxing, essential treatments suitable for both men and women.

Wholeistic Mimi Beauty

Our most popular wholeistic facial and body treatments are:

Living Nature Facials

The Living Nature facials, where incredible products are used to cleanse and nurture your skin. The unique Manuka Honey and Rose Quartz Crystals are used to massage, where your energies are revitalised, leaving you with a relaxed mind and lifted complexion.

The Perfect Brow!

Esther is an expert in creating the perfect brow to suit your face shape. Defined and lifted perfection. Waxing is also another hit with her clients as she uses the best quality wax and a technique that allows you to go longer between treatments, and skin is left calm and cared for.

Hands & Nails

Hand and nail treatments that condition your skin and nails using an innovative peel off gel, or a vegan and 6 free nail polish!

Make up

Make up and make up lessons are available. The most popular lessons are on our lovely 40+ ladies, who want a new look. As you age, your complexion changes, and signs of aging can mean you can no longer carry off the make up you having been applying for that last 20 years, so you can look dated. However, we will teach you an easy elegant and timeless look, to make the most of (or hide) your features.

What makes Mimi unique

What makes Mimi different? stand out? unique? special?

Purely Wholeistic

Most therapists focus on external symptoms, but Esther embodies a truly wholeistic approach. She takes the time to assess you comprehensively, delving into the root causes rather than merely addressing symptoms. Esther's approach is about more than just a temporary fix; she guides you in identifying the underlying cause and addresses it through natural and organic methods, encompassing the mind, body, and soul.


Esther adores her work and values every client interaction. She'd work for free if bills weren't a factor. As her client base grows, more experience the 'Mimi difference', shunning typical 9-5 beauticians. These professionals lack passion and often watch the clock. They lack product knowledge and eagerly await pay day, a disheartening reality.


To achieve Mimi Beauty's remarkable results, a blend of experience, top products, technique, and genuine care is vital. This sets us apart. Our testimonials and galleries show transformative outcomes, validating our dedication and expertise—see it first-hand!

Did you know?

Waxing experiences can vastly differ in terms of pain levels, and it all boils down to the wax quality and technique employed. Esther ensures a smoother, less painful experience by utilizing a wax that adheres to the hair, not the skin. Through her refined technique, you’ll not only experience minimal discomfort but also avoid any post-waxing rashes, allowing you to extend the time between treatments. Ultimately, this results in not just a more comfortable waxing session but also cost savings as you invest in superior, skin-friendly treatments.

In today’s market, a product can be deemed ‘Organic’ with just a minute fraction, often less than 10%, of organic ingredients. Shockingly, this means countless individuals may unknowingly use products containing harsh components, assuming they are genuinely organic. However, at Mimi Beauty, Esther delves into extensive research. This diligence ensures that you can rest assured, knowing that only the utmost pure organic products are chosen and provided for your skin. Your well-being and authenticity matter to us.

Once you’ve experience ‘The Mimi Difference’, we guarantee you’ll never go anywhere else!

Mimi Beauty - Esther Cooney

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