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Esther Cooney


Esther has over 30 years’ experience within the beauty industry, specialising extensively on the intricate functions of the skin.  So many factors can affect your skin including environmental and hormone changes.   Over the years she has researched the skin, and has experimented with many different products.  Therefore, Esther has extensive knowledge based on solid first-hand research, and passionately believes that only natural and organic products interact with your skin naturally and effectively.

Over the years, Esther has helped countless people with a whole variety of skin and beauty concerns.  As well as addressing the skin externally, she also looks at potential causes, and will advise on how to reduce the symptoms.  Supplements can often help. She has researched and learnt the positive effects of taking certain vitamins from personal experience, client feedback, and working closely with the multi award winning, vegan synergistic nutritional supplement company, Terranova.

Many skin conditions can cause embarrassment, but Esther makes you instantly feel at ease. You will feel confident in her ability to help you overcome something that could be relatively simple to resolve.  All you need is the right products, treatments and advice. Coupled with her caring and tenacious personality, Esther will provide all of those things.

Along with Esther’s continued research into the body and how it works most efficiently to give you the most radiant glow that comes from within, she has been enlightened with knowledge of many of the negative and damaging causes of skin and health issues that have sadly become the norm for most.  Esther is keen to share this knowledge with you so that you can become the healthiest version of you, a version that will show itself to all of those around you from the inner happiness she will guide you to have.  Some of this knowledge may come as a surprise and can be difficult to hear, but trust that she is just wanting you to regain your power to be the reason for your newfound inner radiance.

Currently (as always) Esther is studying and learning nutritional and health science, which is where you’re basically learning to do two things: 1. to remove causes of problems and 2. to establish the conditions of health. Once she has completed and understood all of the lessons, she will gain a degree in Doctor of Philosophy.  Once you speak to her, and you can grasp the concept, you’ll soon realise she has a mountain of knowledge in the subject of life science.


Mimi’s natural and organic beauty treatment room is located just outside the picturesque Stratford upon Avon. Esther only selects high quality organic, natural products and cosmetics to nurture you and your skin. These fabulous products come from all over the world, including New Zealand, Germany, France, England and Italy.

Mimi has often witnessed damaged skin caused by skin products that contain chemical and toxic elements. Therefore she insists on using only natural organic products. Organic products stimulate your skin cells, so they are able to rejuvenate day and night. When your skin is active and lively, it radiates health.

The charming treatment room is where she assesses your skin and takes time to find out about you. Having worked in spas, where it is very much a conveyor belt, this is something she insists on not replicating in her treatment room! She then customises your plan, and treats you and your skin with the best suited organic natural products to address your particular needs. Her aim is to provide a whole host of wonderful, relaxing and essential treatments tailored for both men and women.

About Mimi Beauty

Our most popular facial and body treatments are:

Living Nature Facials

The Living Nature facials, where incredible products are used to cleanse and nurture your skin. The unique Manuka Honey and Rose Quartz Crystals are used to massage, where your energies are revitalised, leaving you with a relaxed mind and lifted complexion.

The Perfect Brow!

Esther is an expert in creating the perfect brow to suit your face shape. Defined and lifted perfection. Waxing is also another hit with her clients as she uses the best quality wax and a technique that allows you to go longer between treatments, and skin is left calm and cared for.

Hands & Nails

Hand and nail treatments that condition your skin and nails using an innovative peel off gel, or a vegan and 6 free nail polish!

Make up

Make up and make up lessons are available. The most popular lessons are on our lovely 40+ ladies, who want a new look. As you age, your complexion changes, and signs of aging can mean you can no longer carry off the make up you having been applying for that last 20 years, so you can look dated. However, we will teach you an easy elegant and timeless look, to make the most of (or hide) your features.

What makes Mimi unique

What makes Mimi different? stand out? unique? special?

Quality Products

Esther consistently spends a huge amount of time researching the very best natural and organic products so you don't have to. Before she accepts any product into the Mimi Beauty Room, every ingredient is harshly scrutinised to ensure she is only using and supplying the finest and purest products in your treatments. Some manufactures hide behind fancy names given to ingredients to hide the 'nasties' away. However, Esther will not accept a product until she knows what every ingredient is, and why it is there. You will never have to worry about corners being cut to save money. Esther's number one priority is her clients. She ensures every client is comfortable, relaxed, not rushed, and are nothing less than delighted with which ever treatment(s) chosen.

You may certainly find cheaper elsewhere, but we guarantee that they will not be using the same quality, natural, organic products, along with the unrivalled knowledge and experience offered at Mimi. Mimi remains competitive, regardless of the extra money spent on products and time researching.


Esther absolutely adores her job, and she just loves people! What a combination! She would do it for free if there were no bills to pay. Her client base continues to grow and as more and more people experience the 'Mimi difference', they simply cannot then go back to the 9-5 beautician who doesn't really care about what they are doing. They have no real experience or passion, they wouldn't have a clue what they are using on your skin, and are generally just waiting for pay day! Sad, but true.


It takes the combination of experience, quality products, technique and love to be able to produce such incredible results as we see at Mimi Beauty. Don’t just take our word for it! Have a look at the huge amount of testimonials, and the galleries page to see for yourself.

Did you know?

Waxing doesn’t have to be as painful as you’ve had it before.  The wax quality and technique play the biggest part here.   The wax Esther uses sticks to the hair, not the skin. Coupled with her technique, not only will it hurt much less, but you’ll have no rash and be able to wait longer between treatments. This is effectively saving you money for a better quality treatment that is kind to your skin.

A product only has to contain a tiny percentage (less than 10%!) of organic ingredients to be accepted and labelled as Organic.  Millions of people are using harsh products on their skin while blissfully unaware and believing they are using a good organic product.  At Mimi Beauty, Esther does the research, so you can be sure only the purest organic products are used and supplied. 

Once you’ve experience ‘The Mimi Difference’, we guarantee you’ll never go anywhere else.  Mimi stands by their tagline “It’s all about you”, because it truly is.

Mimi Beauty - Esther Cooney

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