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Mimi doesn’t believe in re inventing the wheel.  Esther started her business alone and has tried many things and so learned many lessons.  She doesn’t want you to make mistakes that she can help you avoid.  If you are just starting out or need a new direction with your current business, Esther is here to help and advise.  What legal things do you need to do?  Do you need help with your ‘books’?  How do you even begin to set up a new business?  Are you struggling with time?  Are you living a chaotic life instead of living the dream of having your own business?  Don’t worry!  Mimi Beauty can help.  Get in touch to discuss the issues you are having.  Maybe you don’t know what the problem is, just that there is one!  Contact Esther and she will dig deep into the bones to determine the root of the issue(s), and help work through them with you and help from there.

Your business doesn’t have to be beauty, it could be hairdressing, sports therapy, personal training, or even a builder or a plumber!  Esther has unique ways of getting to know you, and to work with what your unique needs are.  Website, social media, day to day paperwork, communication, training, development and more.  Mimi Beauty can help you make you and your business a success.

How We Can Help You

If you are creating manuals for your therapists and need easy to read but informative content, then we can put these together in a user friendly way to get the best out of your therapists.  Or if you are a brand that want to put your information together in a way future therapists can use on a daily basis so they get the best results from your products and treatments.

Are you struggling to give your therapists the time to get the best out of them?  We give one to one assistance, as a one off or on a weekly/monthly/season basis in a way that works with any issues that you may be having.  Or to support a new member of staff, or help an existing member of staff to be promoted (senior therapist or manager).  All done with your business in mind.

Whether you want to increase your treatment listing for all therapists.  Or if one therapist needs training in a single treatment.  We can come to your salon or spa.  We can also do retail training, and even training to help your team work more harmoniously.

Do you need help greeting guests or clients at an event or exhibition?  Or do you want to plan an event and don’t know where to start?  However small or grand, we can help.

Have you created a beautiful range of products that you’d like a signature treatment for?  Or do you want to update your current treatment?  We can also create further treatments for you…face or body…from scratch or from an existing treatment.


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